Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations and a winner!

I finally broke down and decorated. Well it wasn't all me, my sister helped and my husband hauled all the big boxes (thanks hubby) 
I was not feeling the Christmas spirit at all and decided it was because we didn't have any decorations up. We were hesitant to put up the Christmas tree this year because of a little boy I know named Jaxon. He gets into everything. But we decided we wanted a Christmas tree and just deal with the "No Jax NO!"
Jax is actually ok with it, he just stands and stares at it and makes the oooh and awe noises :) 
So cute! I can't wait until Christmas morning when he sees all the gifts! 

So here are some of the decorations, we didn't put all of them up because there was no room! 
(sorry about the crappy pictures, there was no natural light at all. Today is cloudy and yucky) 

I love how different all the stockings funny! 

Oh and I have to share the new thing that Jax does

He loves to take off his clothes! I am constantly finding him with his pants, socks, and shirt off. So I have to put him in onsies (he can't take those off) or else he can take his diaper off as well, and that would be no bueno! Such a little stinker, but a cute stinker at that! 

Ok so now on to our giveaway winner of the Hoop-La earrings giveaway.
Congrats to....

Congrats Britney, you will love Hoop-La earrings. Please email me at

Thank you everyone that entered this giveaway. 
Oh and don't forget to enter this  giveaway, it ends tonight. 

Have a great Monday!!! 


lowercase letters said...

love the wedding pic. look at that pretty christmas tree! congrats to brittney...she's so lucky(:

Anonymous said...

such a pretty tree!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Loving your Christmas Decorations!